Number of people in CW - Pharmacy Department: 67
Maximum Salary$ 138,551.96
Average Salary$ 67,340.93
Minimum Salary$ 25,958.40

Department Results for CW - Pharmacy 2014-15
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Brower, Denise KPharmacy Assistant DirectorCW - Pharmacy$138,551.96$0.00
Dziurlikowski, Mary AStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$119,597.54$0.00
Caruthers, Regine LClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$114,561.57$0.00
Brandt, Stacey AStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$114,276.31$0.00
Zalmout, MohammedStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$114,073.41$0.00
Corsello, Dana MarieStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$108,697.83$0.00
Mora, Erika LynnClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$108,695.97$0.00
Markstrom, DeniseClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$107,355.88$0.00
Konicek, ClaireStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$107,044.59$0.00
Baker, Nicole AStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$106,563.40$0.00
Penzien, CarrieStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$106,558.96$0.00
Schaeffler, Kristen LeighStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$105,983.45$0.00
Hlubocky, JenniferStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$104,979.20$0.00
Kempa, MollieStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$104,979.20$0.00
Wallace, StevenStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$104,464.18$0.00
Egenti, Christine IjeomaStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$104,433.74$0.00
Shin, MiraeStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$104,433.74$0.00
Niedbalec, NatashaStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$104,205.40$0.00
Fenner, Emily AStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$103,923.06$0.00
Jamieson, NancyStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$103,923.06$0.00
Lucarotti, ChelseyStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$103,433.96$0.00
Reeves, KatherineStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$103,433.96$0.00
Damiani, JustinaClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$103,174.50$0.00
Jarvi, ThomasStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$103,174.50$0.00
Lowry, BrittniStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$102,403.74$0.00
Saad, SamiraStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$102,157.00$0.00
Wechter, AndrewStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$102,157.00$0.00
Kilbourn, CourtneyStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$101,400.00$0.00
Marini, Bernard LawrenceClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$101,400.00$0.00
Gillogly, Alicia BeaStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$101,139.50$0.00
Larocca, VincentStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$101,139.50$0.00
Workman, PaulStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$100,394.00$0.00
Johnson, JoshuaStaff PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$99,400.00$0.00
Luca, Delia MPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$45,249.53$0.00
LaMay, Michelle SPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$39,601.13$0.00
Horn, Anita MariePharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$36,692.56$0.00
Vogel, JenniferPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$32,543.62$0.00
Smith, Michael TPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$32,226.16$0.00
Badgett, Kimberly AnnPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$31,913.72$0.00
Funaro, Nicole LouisePharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$31,667.79$0.00
Buhagiar, Debra ColleenPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$31,539.39$0.00
Shaw, RebeccaPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$30,666.95$0.00
Paxman, KellyPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$29,237.45$0.00
Rzeppa, EmilyPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$29,149.44$0.00
Mackenzie, Lauren MPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$29,010.62$0.00
Jury, ChristinPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$28,791.99$0.00
Netterfield, AbbyPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$28,787.20$0.00
Wyman, BeckyPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$28,683.20$0.00
Guysky, TheresaPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$28,669.09$0.00
Saotome, HidekiPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$28,164.79$0.00
Harmon, NataliePharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$28,026.69$0.00
Hilliard, ElisabethPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$28,026.69$0.00
Hosseini Abrishami, ParastooPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$28,026.69$0.00
Silvani, MandyPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$27,955.20$0.00
Allison, KevinPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$27,476.80$0.00
Yekin, CourtneyPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$27,271.40$0.00
Ash, AngelaPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$26,814.79$0.00
Senk, DeneicePharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$26,814.79$0.00
Dowker, AmandaPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$26,624.00$0.00
Camacho, SamanthaGrad NonCert Patient Care TechCW - Pharmacy$26,353.60$0.00
Koch, SarahPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$26,353.60$0.00
Matter, JaclynGrad NonCert Patient Care TechCW - Pharmacy$26,353.60$0.00
Meints, MaryPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$26,353.60$0.00
Dwyer, ShelbyGrad NonCert Patient Care TechCW - Pharmacy$26,291.20$0.00
Tawakol, FatmaGrad NonCert Patient Care TechCW - Pharmacy$26,291.20$0.00
Connelly, LaceyGrad NonCert Patient Care TechCW - Pharmacy$26,145.60$0.00
Battishill, LindseyPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$25,958.40$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
Crayton, Cawaunda Nichole academic Program Manager CW - Pharmacy
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Magiera, Gwendolyn L General Head Nurse Human Genetics Department
Crawford, Terry Chief Nursing Officer Hlth Sys c%
Crawford, Susan A Stra% Law school
Damron, Maria E Surgical Technologist Senior UMH Cytopathology
Hart, Lashon C %admin% SOE-CPEP
Sergent, Allison Info Resources Cataloging Spec PHARMACY Pharmaceutical Sci
Crawford, Rhonda VISITING ASST RES SCI I UMH Observation Unit
Crawford, Penelope Ball survey Markley Hall
Crawford, Patrice Elaine CAO/Chief of Staff - EVPMA CW Occup/Recreational Therapy