Number of people in CW - Pharmacy Department: 81
Maximum Salary$ 136,538.49
Average Salary$ 79,879.92
Minimum Salary$ 35,338.94

Department Results for CW - Pharmacy 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Brandt, Stacey AClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$136,538.49$0.00
Zalmout, MohammedClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$135,986.75$0.00
Schaeffler, Kristen LeighPharmacy ManagerCW - Pharmacy$133,735.29$0.00
Markstrom, DeniseClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$132,833.14$0.00
Wechter, AndrewClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$132,792.57$0.00
Bisaccia, Elizabeth KimberlyClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$131,672.12$0.00
Perissinotti, AnthonyClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$130,409.14$0.00
Chambers, KasandraPharmacy ManagerCW - Pharmacy$129,000.00$0.00
Marini, Bernard LawrenceClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$127,837.01$0.00
Jarvi, ThomasClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$126,816.70$0.00
Stevens, JenniferClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$126,087.63$0.00
Workman, PaulClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$124,843.01$0.00
Lowry, BrittniClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$124,346.24$0.00
Ibe, HarjotClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$124,163.00$0.00
Brown, JuliaClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$122,699.26$0.00
Doellner, CourtneyClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$122,470.30$0.00
Vassas, ThomasClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$120,393.35$0.00
Scappaticci, Gianni BrunoClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$118,903.20$0.00
Baik, Sharon SoojinClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$118,766.42$0.00
Baisden, KaitlinClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$118,766.42$0.00
Wester, AshleyClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$118,163.00$0.00
Leader, LaurenClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$117,456.93$0.00
Chen, Chi-NanClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$116,647.50$0.00
Adams, DeslynClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$115,913.00$0.00
Mannina, Christopher CClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$113,663.00$0.00
Munsel, ErinClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$113,663.00$0.00
Waller, SarahClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$113,663.00$0.00
Winograd, EmilyClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$113,663.00$0.00
Jarosz, AudreyClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$113,633.00$0.00
Leja, BrettClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$113,633.00$0.00
Nolt, ValerieClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$113,633.00$0.00
Schauble, AbigailClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$113,633.00$0.00
Schepers, AllisonClinical Pharmacist SpecialistCW - Pharmacy$113,633.00$0.00
Sykes, GinaClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$112,985.85$0.00
Alsaden, AliClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$111,413.00$0.00
Bazzi, RaniaClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$111,413.00$0.00
Jorgenson, LucasGrad NonCert Patient Care ProfCW - Pharmacy$111,413.00$0.00
Sauro, AshleyClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$111,413.00$0.00
Wilkins, ClarissaClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$109,913.00$0.00
Nawer, HumairaClinical PharmacistCW - Pharmacy$109,163.00$0.00
Luca, Delia MPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$52,151.69$0.00
Hontz, SabrinaPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$48,672.01$0.00
Bowerman, GeorgePharmacy Technician CoordCW - Pharmacy$48,462.96$0.00
LaGuire, Aimee ElizabethPharmacy Technician CoordCW - Pharmacy$46,845.18$0.00
Sayomac, Jennifer LynnPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$45,618.55$0.00
Silvani, MandyPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$44,147.32$0.00
Hosseini Abrishami, ParastooPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$43,426.37$0.00
LaMay, Michelle SPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$43,286.00$0.00
Kaczynski, ShannaPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$42,682.64$0.00
Morse, HannahPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$42,410.55$0.00
Engle, KaylaPharmacy Technician SeniorCW - Pharmacy$42,410.42$0.00
Kent, TaylorPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$42,147.24$0.00
Saotome, HidekiPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$41,909.84$0.00
Bond, ChristopherPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$41,493.82$0.00
Miller, KellyPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$41,434.09$0.00
Van Steenis, StefaniePharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$41,221.64$0.00
Hall, RichardPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$41,205.88$0.00
Stolt, AdamPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$40,884.48$0.00
Canen, BethanyPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$40,702.11$0.00
Lindman, Natalie NicolePharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$40,699.17$0.00
Parks, DaneyaPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$40,525.42$0.00
Horgan, ShannonPharmacy Technician InterCW - Pharmacy$40,124.24$0.00
Woods, TylerPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$39,817.50$0.00
Taylor, TaraPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$39,518.96$0.00
Thomas, WalkitaPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$39,518.96$0.00
Gilbert, JenniferPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$39,030.94$0.00
Marville, MegenPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$38,951.12$0.00
Lucot, AgnesPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$38,467.94$0.00
Srour, NadinePharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$38,005.57$0.00
Wojnar, AshleyPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$38,005.57$0.00
Foreman, PatrickPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$37,218.71$0.00
Taylor, BlakePharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$37,138.92$0.00
Haynes, RebeccaPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$36,758.48$0.00
Koch, FrancesPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$36,681.06$0.00
Mihalich, JamesPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$36,681.06$0.00
Jaycox, TylerPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$36,227.88$0.00
Babtan, EmmaPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$35,779.90$0.00
Helton, KatherinePharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$35,779.90$0.00
Kostoff, AustinPharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$35,779.90$0.00
Modigell, MckenziePharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$35,338.94$0.00
Roskowski, Stephanie MariePharmacy Technician AssocCW - Pharmacy$35,338.94$0.00

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