Number of people in COE Climate - Space Department: 117
Maximum Salary$ 302,963.00
Average Salary$ 117,884.47
Minimum Salary$ 40,999.92

Department Results for COE Climate - Space 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Gloeckler, GeorgeRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$302,963.00$0.00
Battel, Steven JamesADJUNCT CLINICAL PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$300,000.00$30,000.00
Livi, StefanoRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$298,700.00$0.00
Kivelson, Margaret GRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$290,144.00$0.00
Gombosi, Tamas IPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$278,109.00$0.00
Fisk, Lennard APROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$260,327.00$260,327.00
Pulkkinen, TuijaCHAIRCOE Climate - Space$255,000.00$127,500.00
Pulkkinen, TuijaPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$255,000.00$127,500.00
Slavin, James ArthurPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$249,250.00$169,988.50
Ruf, Christopher SPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$237,000.00$142,200.00
Penner, Joyce EASSOCIATE CHAIRCOE Climate - Space$236,500.00$59,125.00
Penner, Joyce EPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$236,500.00$130,074.41
Nagy, Andrew FPROFESSOR EMERITUS/ACOE Climate - Space$228,746.66$0.00
Drake, R PaulPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$223,255.00$133,953.00
Combi, Michael RRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$215,418.00$215,418.00
Rood, Richard BPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$207,559.00$197,181.05
Samson, Perry JPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$200,000.00$200,000.00
Renno, Nilton OPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$199,000.00$169,150.00
Kozyra, Janet UResearch Professor Emeritus/aCOE Climate - Space$192,999.00$0.00
Atreya, Sushil KPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$184,285.00$165,856.50
Moldwin, MarkASSOCIATE CHAIRCOE Climate - Space$180,000.00$45,000.00
Moldwin, MarkPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$180,000.00$90,001.08
Liemohn, Michael WarrenPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$171,000.00$119,700.00
Bougher, Stephen WRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$167,066.00$150,359.40
Ridley, Aaron JamesPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$166,860.00$83,429.17
Toth, GaborRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$165,928.00$8,296.40
Boyd, John PPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$162,211.00$137,879.35
De Zeeuw, Darren LeeASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$156,342.00$156,342.00
Landi, EnricoPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$152,192.00$76,096.00
Sokolov, Igor VRESEARCH SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$149,255.00$149,255.00
Marsik, Frank JosephLEO Lecturer IVCOE Climate - Space$143,804.14$100,662.90
Kasper, JustinASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$143,750.00$98,181.25
Steiner, Allison LPROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$140,000.00$119,000.00
McKague, Darren ShawnASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$139,066.00$139,066.00
Manchester IV, Ward BRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$136,046.00$6,802.30
Marsik, Frank JosephASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$133,420.00$33,355.00
De Roo, Roger DeanLEO Lecturer IVCOE Climate - Space$132,076.55$70,000.57
Huang, XiangleiASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$129,204.00$109,823.40
Lepri, Susan ThereseASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$128,500.00$89,950.00
De Roo, Roger DeanASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$123,734.00$0.00
Jablonowski, ChristianeASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$122,836.00$122,836.00
Hansen, Kenneth CalvinRESEARCH ASSOCIATE PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$121,328.00$0.00
Nehls-Frumkin, Mary LBusiness Administrator LeadCOE Climate - Space$119,596.00$119,596.00
Bassis, Jeremy NASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$119,589.00$101,650.65
Flanner, Mark GASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$119,009.00$101,157.65
Jia, XianzheASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$118,457.00$59,228.50
Zou, ShashaASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$118,227.00$100,492.95
Van Nieuwstadt, Lin McADJUNCT RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$114,745.92$0.00
van der Holst, BartholomeusASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$111,805.00$0.00
Ogasawara, Faye KDesktop Support ManagerCOE Climate - Space$110,698.00$11,069.80
Raines, Jimmie MASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$110,239.00$0.00
Ganjushkina, NataliaASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$107,024.00$0.00
Kort, Eric AdamASST PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$107,000.00$82,925.00
Kuranz, Carolyn ChristineRESEARCH ASSOCIATE PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$106,659.00$37,330.65
Niciejewski, Rick JASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$103,950.00$10,395.00
Thomas, Jonathan WesleyEngineer in Research SeniorCOE Climate - Space$102,388.00$0.00
Keppel-Aleks, GretchenASST PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$102,265.00$86,925.25
Baker, Rick TAdmin Services ManagerCOE Climate - Space$98,580.00$0.00
Frazin, Richard AASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$98,262.00$98,262.00
Payne, Ashley ElizabethASST PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$98,000.00$98,000.00
Adames-Corraliza, AngelASST PROFESSORCOE Climate - Space$96,900.00$96,900.00
Torralva, BenASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$96,887.00$0.00
Parkinson, Christopher DennisASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$96,470.00$48,235.00
Tenishev, Valeriy MASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$96,043.00$96,043.00
Gilbert, Jason AndreASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$90,796.00$0.00
Chen, XiuhongASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$88,194.00$0.00
Johnson, Cheri Lynn ChampouxResearch Process CoordinatorCOE Climate - Space$84,838.00$0.00
Moon, Martha AFacilities Coordinator/ManagerCOE Climate - Space$84,766.00$84,766.00
Martinez, GermanASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$83,256.00$83,256.00
Chamberlain, Deborah LFinancial Intermediate ManagerCOE Climate - Space$82,952.00$82,952.00
Han, ShunApplications Programmer SeniorCOE Climate - Space$82,495.00$0.00
A, ErchaADJUNCT ASST RES SCICOE Climate - Space$82,000.00$0.00
Zhao, LiangASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$79,027.00$79,027.00
McLaughlin, KevinData Security Analyst InterCOE Climate - Space$76,900.00$0.00
Briggs, Darla SResearch Process CoordinatorCOE Climate - Space$71,425.00$71,425.00
McKnight, Marie JResearch Process CoordinatorCOE Climate - Space$71,206.00$71,206.00
Beltran, Jan LAdministrative Assistant SrCOE Climate - Space$70,160.00$70,160.00
Gray, WilliamRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$70,000.00$0.00
Vyletel, BrendaAdministrative SpecialistCOE Climate - Space$66,500.00$0.00
Huang, ZhenguangASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$66,300.00$66,300.00
Eddy, Deborah KAdministrative Assistant SrCOE Climate - Space$63,434.00$63,434.00
Manome, AyumiASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate - Space$63,036.00$6,303.60
Synowiec, JoshuaEngineer in Research InterCOE Climate - Space$62,983.00$31,491.50
Klein, SalleeEngineer in Research InterCOE Climate - Space$62,432.00$0.00
Britten-Bozzone, DarrenSystems Administrator InterCOE Climate - Space$61,813.00$0.00
Young, RachelRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$61,800.00$0.00
Meinzer, Elaine KayResearch Process CoordinatorCOE Climate - Space$61,039.00$48,831.20
Chen, YuxiRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$61,000.00$0.00
Olsen, EricMktg Communications SpecialistCOE Climate - Space$60,765.00$54,688.50
Gerlein-Safdi, CynthiaASST PROF/POSTDOC SCH-MSFCOE Climate - Space$60,000.00$0.00
Sun, WeijieRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$60,000.00$0.00
Shou, YinsiRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$59,999.94$0.00
Long, Rachel KHR Generalist IntermediateCOE Climate - Space$59,663.00$59,663.00
Trantham, MatthewResearch Computer SpecialistCOE Climate - Space$59,646.00$2,982.30
White, Bryan KirkDesktop Support Spec InterCOE Climate - Space$58,838.00$0.00
de Vicente Retortillo Rubalcab, AlvaroRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$58,350.00$0.00
Fischer, ErikRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$58,350.00$0.00
Coleman, LindsayAcademic Advisor/Couns InterCOE Climate - Space$57,287.00$57,287.00
Kachuck, SamuelRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$57,000.00$0.00
Regoli, Leonardo HectorRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$56,238.00$0.00
Bussy-Virat, Charles DenisRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$55,620.00$0.00
Pytlinski, Sandra HStudent Admin Asst SrCOE Climate - Space$55,161.00$55,161.00
Burleigh, MeghanRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$55,000.00$0.00
Sachdeva, NishthaRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$55,000.00$0.00
Szente, JuditRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$54,999.88$0.00
Dos Santos, Thiago VelosoRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$54,590.00$0.00
Huang, YaoxianRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$54,590.00$0.00
Huang, JiaRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$54,475.00$0.00
Thomas, EidiliaAdministrative Assistant SrCOE Climate - Space$53,709.00$53,709.00
Lin, XinRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$53,000.00$0.00
Xu, KeRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$53,000.00$26,500.00
Zhu, JialeiRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$52,000.00$26,000.00
Plant, GenevieveRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate - Space$51,500.00$0.00
Hopkins, Laura UAdministrative Assistant SrCOE Climate - Space$51,361.00$51,361.00
Wright, David MorrisLEO Intermittent LecturerCOE Climate - Space$48,000.00$19,200.00
Miller-Raven, Laurie AnnGrants/Contracts Acctant AssocCOE Climate - Space$46,820.00$32,774.00
Coon, ShannonAdministrative Assistant InterCOE Climate - Space$40,999.92$41,000.00

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