Number of people in COE Climate & Space Department: 120
Maximum Salary$ 299,963.00
Average Salary$ 110,078.62
Minimum Salary$ 37,760.00

Department Results for COE Climate & Space 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Gloeckler, GeorgeRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$299,963.00$0.00
Livi, StefanoRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$290,000.00$0.00
Kivelson, Margaret GRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$287,271.00$0.00
Gombosi, Tamas IPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$271,856.00$0.00
Fisk, Lennard APROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$255,223.00$232,252.93
Slavin, James ArthurCHAIRCOE Climate & Space$239,550.00$119,775.00
Slavin, James ArthurPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$239,550.00$47,910.00
Ruf, Christopher SPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$230,000.00$195,500.00
Nagy, Andrew FPROFESSOR EMERITUS/ACOE Climate & Space$228,746.66$0.00
Penner, Joyce EASSOCIATE CHAIRCOE Climate & Space$228,533.00$57,133.25
Penner, Joyce EPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$228,533.00$125,692.58
Drake, R PaulPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$218,236.00$91,659.12
Combi, Michael RRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$209,612.00$209,612.00
Rood, Richard BPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$203,489.00$193,314.55
Samson, Perry JPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$194,754.00$194,754.00
Renno, Nilton OPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$191,330.00$162,630.50
Kozyra, Janet UResearch Professor Emeritus/aCOE Climate & Space$185,576.00$0.00
Atreya, Sushil KPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$179,790.00$107,874.00
Moldwin, MarkASSOCIATE CHAIRCOE Climate & Space$166,485.00$41,621.25
Moldwin, MarkPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$166,485.00$83,243.50
Liemohn, Michael WarrenPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$165,000.00$123,750.00
Bougher, Stephen WRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$162,516.00$146,264.40
Ridley, Aaron JamesPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$162,000.00$56,700.41
Toth, GaborRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$160,317.00$8,015.85
Boyd, John PPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$159,030.00$135,175.50
De Zeeuw, Darren LeeASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$152,529.00$152,529.00
Landi, EnricoPROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$148,480.00$74,240.00
Sokolov, Igor VRESEARCH SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$145,615.00$145,615.00
Keiter, Paul AASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$139,227.00$139,227.00
Kasper, JustinASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$138,000.00$117,300.00
McKague, Darren ShawnASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$135,016.00$135,016.00
Manchester IV, Ward BRESEARCH PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$132,728.00$6,636.40
Marsik, Frank JosephASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$130,166.00$65,083.00
Marsik, Frank JosephLEO Lecturer IIICOE Climate & Space$130,166.00$52,066.40
De Roo, Roger DeanLEO Lecturer IVCOE Climate & Space$127,919.19$67,797.17
Huang, XiangleiASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$125,685.00$52,787.70
Lepri, Susan ThereseASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$123,320.00$104,822.00
Jablonowski, ChristianeASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$121,021.00$118,600.58
Steiner, Allison LASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$120,000.00$102,000.00
De Roo, Roger DeanASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$119,550.00$0.00
Hansen, Kenneth CalvinRESEARCH ASSOCIATE PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$118,369.00$118,369.00
Bassis, Jeremy NASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$116,106.00$98,690.10
Flanner, Mark GASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$116,106.00$98,690.10
Nehls-Frumkin, Mary LBusiness Administrator LeadCOE Climate & Space$116,000.00$116,000.00
Jia, XianzheASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$115,343.00$69,205.80
Zou, ShashaASSOC PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$115,343.00$98,041.55
van der Holst, BartholomeusASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$109,078.00$0.00
Van Nieuwstadt, Lin McADJUNCT RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$108,660.00$27,165.00
Ogasawara, Faye KDesktop Support ManagerCOE Climate & Space$107,474.00$10,747.40
Ganjushkina, NataliaASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$103,907.00$0.00
Kort, Eric AdamASST PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$102,900.00$56,595.00
Niciejewski, Rick JASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$101,912.00$10,191.20
Thomas, Jonathan WesleyEngineer in Research SeniorCOE Climate & Space$100,380.00$0.00
Raines, Jimmie MASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$100,217.00$0.00
Keppel-Aleks, GretchenASST PROFESSORCOE Climate & Space$99,344.00$84,442.40
Kuranz, Carolyn ChristineASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$96,963.00$4,848.15
Frazin, Richard AASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$96,335.00$96,335.00
Baker, Rick TAdmin Services ManagerCOE Climate & Space$95,709.00$0.00
Torralva, BenASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$94,987.00$0.00
Parkinson, Christopher DennisASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$94,117.00$94,117.00
Tenishev, Valeriy MASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$93,700.00$93,700.00
Vasquez, Alberto MarcosVISITING RES SCIENTIST ICOE Climate & Space$90,000.00$0.00
Norris, Katherine MResearch Process CoordinatorCOE Climate & Space$88,759.00$0.00
Gilbert, Jason AndreASSOC RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$88,581.00$88,581.00
Welling, DanielASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$87,269.00$0.00
Johnson, Cheri Lynn ChampouxResearch Process CoordinatorCOE Climate & Space$82,638.00$0.00
Moon, Martha AFacilities Coordinator/ManagerCOE Climate & Space$82,297.00$82,297.00
Chen, XiuhongASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$81,608.00$0.00
Martinez, GermanASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$80,441.00$80,441.00
Han, ShunApplications Programmer SeniorCOE Climate & Space$80,248.00$0.00
Chamberlain, Deborah LFinancial Intermediate ManagerCOE Climate & Space$80,147.00$80,147.00
Zhao, LiangASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$76,725.00$76,725.00
McLaughlin, KevinData Security Analyst InterCOE Climate & Space$74,479.00$0.00
Zhou, ChengASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$71,469.00$71,469.00
Gray, WilliamRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$70,000.00$0.00
Higginson, Aleida KatherineRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$70,000.00$0.00
Briggs, Darla SResearch Process CoordinatorCOE Climate & Space$68,678.00$68,678.00
McKnight, Marie JResearch Process CoordinatorCOE Climate & Space$68,467.00$68,467.00
Beltran, Jan LAdministrative Assistant SrCOE Climate & Space$68,116.00$6,811.60
Handy, Timothy AllenRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$65,000.00$0.00
Tracy, Patrick JRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$65,000.00$0.00
Eddy, Deborah KAdministrative Assistant SrCOE Climate & Space$61,586.00$61,586.00
Manome, AyumiASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$61,200.00$6,120.00
Synowiec, JoshuaEngineer in Research InterCOE Climate & Space$61,000.00$27,968.50
Klein, SalleeEngineer in Research InterCOE Climate & Space$60,614.00$0.00
Bose, ArijitRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$60,000.00$0.00
Gerlein-Safdi, CynthiaASST PROF/POSTDOC SCH-MSFCOE Climate & Space$60,000.00$0.00
Payne, Ashley ElizabethASST PROF/POST DOC/PRESIDE FELCOE Climate & Space$60,000.00$60,000.00
Young, RachelRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$60,000.00$0.00
Britten-Bozzone, DarrenSystems Administrator InterCOE Climate & Space$59,694.00$0.00
Olsen, EricMktg Communications SpecialistCOE Climate & Space$58,995.00$53,095.50
Meinzer, Elaine KayResearch Process CoordinatorCOE Climate & Space$58,975.00$58,975.00
Long, Rachel KHR Generalist IntermediateCOE Climate & Space$58,066.00$58,066.00
Trantham, MatthewResearch Computer SpecialistCOE Climate & Space$58,050.00$0.00
Edmondson, Justin KeithASST RES SCIENTISTCOE Climate & Space$57,315.00$57,315.00
White, Bryan KirkDesktop Support Spec InterCOE Climate & Space$57,291.00$0.00
Borovikov, DmitryRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$57,000.00$0.00
Chen, YuxiRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$57,000.00$0.00
Huang, ZhenguangRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$57,000.00$0.00
Jasinski, Jamie MatthewRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$57,000.00$0.00
Klein, KristopherRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$57,000.00$0.00
Poh, Gang KaiRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$57,000.00$0.00
Cathles, Lawrence MaclaganRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$56,650.00$0.00
de Vicente Retortillo Rubalcab, AlvaroRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$56,650.00$0.00
Coleman, LindsayAcademic Advisor/Couns InterCOE Climate & Space$55,350.00$55,350.00
Bussy-Virat, Charles DenisRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$54,000.00$0.00
Li, YangRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$54,000.00$0.00
Pytlinski, Sandra HStudent Admin Asst SrCOE Climate & Space$53,669.00$53,669.00
Regoli, Leonardo HectorRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$53,560.00$0.00
Dos Santos, Thiago VelosoRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$53,000.00$0.00
Huang, YaoxianRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$53,000.00$0.00
Thomas, EidiliaAdministrative Assistant SrCOE Climate & Space$52,272.00$52,272.00
Shou, YinsiRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$52,000.00$0.00
Zhu, JialeiRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$52,000.00$0.00
Plant, GenevieveRESEARCH FELLOWCOE Climate & Space$50,000.00$0.00
Hopkins, Laura UAdministrative Assistant SrCOE Climate & Space$49,986.00$49,986.00
Miller-Raven, Laurie AnnGrants/Contracts Acctant AssocCOE Climate & Space$45,695.00$41,125.50
Thompson, TonyaAdministrative Assistant InterCOE Climate & Space$45,210.00$45,210.00
Ford, Judi MGrants/Contracts Acctant AssocCOE Climate & Space$43,706.00$43,706.00
Cathles, Lawrence MaclaganLEO Lecturer ICOE Climate & Space$37,760.00$15,104.00

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