Number of people in %him% Department: 127
Maximum Salary$ 169,854.90
Average Salary$ 68,540.70
Minimum Salary$ 35,859.31

Department Results for %him% 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Wilson, Heather MarieAdministrative Dir HealthcareUMHS - HIM Administration$169,854.90$0.00
Shue, LauraHealth Information Svcs DirUMHS - HIM Administration$136,500.00$0.00
Lutes, RuthRevenue Cycle Coding DirUMHS - HIM Administration$133,900.00$0.00
Johnsen, Shelly LHlth Info Mgmt Sr ManagerUMHS - HIM Administration$112,525.90$0.00
Merian, BeverlyHlth Info Mgmt Sr ManagerUMHS - HIM Administration$107,843.40$0.00
Chopko, Robert FBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$106,690.00$0.00
Arozarena, Joseph RApp Sys Analyst/Programmer SrHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$106,216.68$0.00
Vasher, Debra JeanBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$104,107.39$0.00
Ford, KimberlyBusiness Systems Analyst LeadUMHS - HIM Administration$99,229.12$0.00
Zimdars, Barbara KatrinBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$98,013.40$0.00
Meredith, Stacey LeeCancer Registry ManagerUMHS - HIM Administration$94,901.85$0.00
Bennett, DavidIT Project Inter ManagerUMHS - HIM Administration$94,491.36$0.00
Pokoyoway, Patricia AMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$92,772.76$0.00
Kuzak, BethMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$92,772.39$0.00
McNair, Victoria LynnMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$92,772.39$0.00
Bellers, Shannon SueHlth Info Mgmt Sr ManagerUMHS - HIM Administration$89,629.53$0.00
Walton, Charlotte SProgram Evaluation SpecialistUMHS - HIM Coding$88,443.81$0.00
Sweeny, AnnBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$88,278.70$0.00
Butler, PatriciaClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$88,256.28$0.00
Slater, Deborah AClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$87,961.68$0.00
Hu, BinClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$86,932.08$0.00
Owings, TerryApp Sys Analyst/Prgm InterHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$86,619.08$0.00
Francis, Tracy LynnBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$85,941.13$0.00
Umbarger, Rebecca LynnClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$85,707.46$0.00
Black, RobinClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$84,121.40$0.00
Wierzbicki, PollyBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$83,855.91$0.00
Zachow, JulieClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$83,008.19$0.00
Saranu, MadhaviBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$82,764.33$0.00
Moore, RapunzelMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$82,455.31$0.00
Lemke, Shannon LorraineClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$82,379.55$0.00
Schneider, MollyRevenue Cycle Coding MgrUMHS - HIM Administration$82,166.40$0.00
Donia, DeborahMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$81,811.68$0.00
Lenz, BarbaraMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$80,725.91$0.00
Cheng, JunClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$80,225.12$0.00
Chekosky, Michael PaulClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$79,770.10$0.00
Chembola, MiniClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$79,320.75$0.00
Collins, Mary BethMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$79,180.65$0.00
Siemasz, Cathy LClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$79,180.65$0.00
Hardy, Christopher AHlth Info Mgmt ManagerUMHS - HIM Administration$78,984.51$0.00
Slessor, KimClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$78,910.72$0.00
Schmehl, LauraProgram Evaluation SpecialistUMHS - HIM Coding$78,564.03$0.00
Brehl, AnnetteUtilization Rev Appeals SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$78,173.22$0.00
Mullaly, Patricia JeanMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$75,292.55$0.00
Armbruster, JuliaClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$75,204.52$0.00
Winnie, Synthia LBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$74,213.49$0.00
Stricker, Ramona AnitaClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$73,320.59$0.00
Vollick, Linda JuneClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$73,150.68$0.00
Marsh, NicoleClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$72,447.00$0.00
Wasson, ValerieProgram Evaluation SpecialistUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$72,100.00$0.00
West, KirstenClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$71,893.08$0.00
Murray, MaryClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$71,865.81$0.00
Licata, MarcBusiness Systems Analyst SrHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$71,500.00$0.00
Wilson, RhondaMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$71,043.06$0.00
Wood, Heidi AMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$70,804.27$0.00
Fournier, Janice KayMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$70,010.46$0.00
Falls, LaurenAdmin Manager Assoc HealthcareUMHS - HIM Administration$70,000.00$0.00
Das, AnarkaliMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$69,595.64$0.00
Jacob, AmyMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$68,608.92$0.00
Ferris, Lori VMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$68,386.75$0.00
Fosgate, CherylClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$68,250.87$0.00
Wilson, Kimberley CharleneClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$68,250.87$0.00
Hein, ShariMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Coding$67,583.07$0.00
Buchanan, Tawanna JoyHlth Info Mgmt SupervisorUMHS - HIM Administration$67,419.59$0.00
McCleery, Laura AHlth Info Mgmt SupervisorUMHS - HIM Administration$66,250.02$0.00
Akers, Jill CBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$66,099.80$0.00
Poteau, RyanApp Sys Analyst/Prgm InterHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$65,627.69$0.00
Brown, NancyMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$65,009.21$0.00
Kayganich, Jane MCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$64,588.76$0.00
Snyder, JacquelineMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$64,513.05$0.00
Widmaier-Seppanen, MargaretCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$64,483.19$0.00
Esper, Jenny KayMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$64,261.50$0.00
Horne, Shannon MClinical Documentation SpecUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$63,573.74$0.00
Salter, AmyMedical Coder Compliance SpecUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$63,205.69$0.00
Buczek, EricaHlth Info Mgmt SupervisorUMHS - HIM Administration$62,800.00$0.00
Warrington Jr, StevenBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$62,361.00$0.00
Green, AngelaCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$61,428.49$0.00
Tarkington, Victoria LCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$61,427.08$0.00
Vogel, CarrieBusiness Systems Analyst InterUMHS - HIM Health Info Exchang$60,673.76$0.00
Roberts, DanitaCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$60,036.38$0.00
Wines, MaryExecutive Assistant Assoc HlthUMHS - HIM Administration$59,999.94$0.00
Patel, MitaMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$59,433.40$0.00
Zoller-OBrien, Doreen ACancer Registrar Non-CertifiedUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$58,223.44$0.00
Skinner, LeahMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$58,149.47$0.00
Thelen, DeborahMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$58,082.44$0.00
Lozon, AlexanderBusiness Systems Analyst InterHITS COA Grand Central/HIM$56,733.75$0.00
Mallon, LoriMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$56,176.84$0.00
Krantz, GlyndaMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$55,262.22$0.00
Woody, JenniferMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$54,735.89$0.00
Earle, BrianAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMHS - HIM Compliance - Auditi$53,921.68$0.00
Korosso, Maria MAdmin Specialist Inter HealthUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$53,808.78$0.00
Raiford, Tammy LynnAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMHS - HIM Administration$53,344.87$0.00
Chuong, TinaMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$53,292.72$0.00
Forrest, MitziMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$53,278.38$0.00
Blankenship, Georgina CHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Coding$51,933.48$0.00
McElhiney, ValorieMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$51,775.10$0.00
Bader, JenniferCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$50,556.97$0.00
Baker, KarenMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$50,268.92$0.00
Bloom, Jody LynnAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMHS - HIM Health Info Exchang$50,264.95$0.00
Zieske, SuzanneCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$49,982.29$0.00
Castro, Christine MMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$49,752.37$0.00
Crawford, KrystalMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$49,752.37$0.00
Hertler, Kate AmandaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMHS - HIM Health Info Exchang$49,410.66$0.00
VanHollenbeck, SherriAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMHS - HIM Health Info Exchang$49,376.11$0.00
Robey, PenelopeMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$48,903.92$0.00
Azzouz, LoriMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$48,303.14$0.00
Nierzwick, AliciaMedical Coder InpatientUMHS - HIM Coding$47,369.92$0.00
Wisbiski, ShawneAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthUMHS - HIM Health Info Exchang$46,670.00$0.00
Anastasia, DonnaCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$46,255.47$0.00
Gardiner, Deborah JaneCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$45,930.11$0.00
Ebaugh, AndreaHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$45,861.85$0.00
Fitzpatrick, LauraHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$44,473.01$0.00
Brown, DanielAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareUMHS - HIM Administration$44,000.06$0.00
Herriman, AutumnCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$44,000.06$0.00
Frost, Lisa AnnCancer Registrar Non-CertifiedUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$43,518.57$0.00
Pope, Rhonda JeanHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$43,311.08$0.00
Tsiang, CynthiaCancer RegistrarUMHS - HIM Cancer Registry$42,420.04$0.00
Tummala, SrivaniHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$42,163.87$0.00
Vigneau, Amelia EmHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$42,163.87$0.00
Hester, StephenHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Compliance - Auditi$41,745.08$0.00
Freeland, Beth AHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$40,527.45$0.00
Wozniak, SarahHealth Information AnalystUMH - HIM Compliance - Auditin$40,505.02$0.00
Savoie, Kathleen RoseMedical Records TechnicianUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$40,098.82$0.00
Coley, NaTashaHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Vital Statistics$38,980.28$0.00
Seals, MichelleHealth Information AnalystUMHS - HIM Vital Statistics$38,952.97$0.00
Schimizze, Michael WMedical Records TechnicianUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$36,018.73$0.00
Thompson, SylviaMedical Records TechnicianUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$35,878.80$0.00
Hamm, Mary MMedical Records TechnicianUMHS - HIM Doc - Record Mgt$35,859.31$0.00

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