Number of people in %dlhs% Department: 63
Maximum Salary$ 230,000.00
Average Salary$ 103,497.51
Minimum Salary$ 46,670.00

Department Results for %dlhs% 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Friedman, Charles PPROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$230,000.00$144,750.50
Harrison, Richard VanPROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$205,828.07$30,874.21
Gruppen, Larry DPROFESSORDLHS Division of Prof Ed$203,128.12$90,706.86
Stalburg, Caren MichelleCLINICAL ASSOC PROFDLHS Division of Prof Ed$199,875.00$49,968.05
Fitzgerald, James TPROFESSORDLHS Division of Prof Ed$195,170.58$39,560.99
De Vries, Raymond GPROFESSORDLHS Division of Prof Ed$194,434.78$129,688.00
Mullan, Patricia BridgetPROFESSORDLHS Division of Prof Ed$193,892.00$155,113.60
Sales, AnnePROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$189,375.17$57,002.30
Caverly, Tanner JohnASST PROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$172,525.00$59,521.13
Singh, KarandeepASST PROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$167,732.28$33,545.87
Murphy, Anne LAdministrative Dir HealthcareDLHS Administration$163,834.98$163,834.98
Pletcher, TimothyADJUNCT RES INVESTIGATORDLHS Division of LKS$163,335.00$24,500.25
Piatt, Gretchen AASSOC PROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$149,350.00$89,610.00
Funnell, Martha MRES SCIENTIST EMERITUS/ADLHS Division of LKS$134,087.00$6,704.35
Vydiswaran, Vinod VganesanASST PROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$129,857.25$110,378.66
Flynn, Allen JohnASST PROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$125,000.00$118,750.00
Seagull, Frank JacobASST PROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$124,877.22$17,795.00
Rooney, DeborahCLINICAL ASST PROFDLHS Division of Prof Ed$121,169.80$56,949.81
Farris, GregApp Programmer/Analyst LdDLHS Division of LKS$120,135.80$120,135.80
Landis-Lewis, ZacharyASST PROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$119,035.81$11,903.58
Platt, Jodyn ElizabethASST PROFESSORDLHS Division of LKS$119,035.81$71,421.49
Rubin, JoshuaAcad -/Or Res Prgm Ofcr AssocDLHS Division of LKS$116,000.00$0.00
Cooke, James MCLINICAL ASSOC PROFDLHS Clinical Simulation Ctr$115,000.00$0.00
Moyer, Cheryl AASST PROFESSORDLHS Division of Prof Ed$114,073.10$51,332.90
Vinson, Alexandra HopeCLINICAL ASST PROFDLHS Division of Prof Ed$113,300.00$113,300.00
O'Lone, Tana LynnAdmin Manager Sr HealthcareDLHS Administration$112,120.03$112,120.25
Ferguson, Lisa AnnIT Project Senior ManagerDLHS Division of LKS$109,491.52$98,542.37
Boisvert, Peter LouisApp Programmer/Analyst LdDLHS Division of LKS$109,464.88$82,098.66
Coulter-Thompson, EmileeProject Senior ManagerDLHS Administration$100,588.22$100,588.22
Mayrand Jr, Niles NAdmin Manager Inter HealthcareDLHS Clinical Simulation Ctr$100,170.00$0.00
Donnelly, John PatrickRESEARCH INVESTIGATORDLHS Division of LKS$100,000.00$0.00
Meng, GuangqingApp Programmer/Analyst SrDLHS Division of LKS$94,812.50$75,850.00
Raths, BrookeProject Intermediate ManagerDLHS Division of LKS$81,448.00$81,448.00
Yake, DebraTraining Specialist SeniorDLHS Clinical Simulation Ctr$80,307.78$0.00
Hill, Elizabeth LStudent Affairs Program MgrDLHS Administration$79,619.82$79,619.82
Gross, ColinApp Programmer/Analyst SrDLHS Division of LKS$79,565.63$5,967.42
Heckel, Denice MarieExecutive Assistant Sr HlthDLHS Administration$77,639.00$77,639.00
Firn, Janice IreneCLINICAL ASST PROFDLHS Administration$75,745.63$22,723.69
Hoy, Jennifer DAdmin Specialist Senior HealthDLHS Administration$73,954.93$65,819.89
Nwankwo, Robin BClinical Res Coordinator HlthDLHS Division of LKS$73,134.65$0.00
Gittlen, NathanielApp Programmer/Analyst InterDLHS Division of LKS$70,391.88$52,793.91
Hall, DianaClinical Res Project Mgr HlthDLHS Division of LKS$69,123.44$0.00
Harris, Dawn MStudent Affairs Program MgrDLHS Administration$66,125.25$66,125.05
Satterfield, KatherineProgram ManagerDLHS Division of LKS$65,195.00$0.00
Freehill, KareinClinical Res Coordinator HlthDLHS Division of LKS$60,936.25$0.00
Fishstrom, AstridResearch Area Specialist InterDLHS Division of LKS$60,841.81$33,463.00
Flores, MariaAdmin Specialist Inter HealthDLHS Administration$58,639.23$58,639.23
Salamin, AngelaAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthDLHS Clinical Simulation Ctr$57,075.51$0.00
Rodriguiz, Elizabeth AnneAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareDLHS Administration$56,272.54$56,272.64
Lockett III, EdwardAllied Health Technical SpecDLHS Clinical Simulation Ctr$55,862.40$0.00
Nong, PaigeProject Associate ManagerDLHS Division of LKS$55,349.92$0.00
Howard, AndrewAdmin Specialist Assoc HealthDLHS Administration$54,780.90$50,398.28
Kloss, KatherineClinical Res Coordinator HlthDLHS Division of LKS$54,632.50$0.00
Townsend, CarenaRecruiting Coordinator UnitDLHS Division of LKS$53,884.25$53,884.25
Allen, Christy DAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareDLHS Division of LKS$53,320.52$49,588.07
James, Katherine HardieResearch Area Specialist AssocDLHS Division of Prof Ed$52,531.25$0.00
Mitz, AndreaAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareDLHS Clinical Simulation Ctr$51,467.95$0.00
Jeske, DierdreAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareDLHS Administration$51,185.42$51,185.40
Stout, JeffreyAllied Health Technical SpecDLHS Clinical Simulation Ctr$50,737.60$0.00
Diakow, CindyAdmin Asst Sr HealthcareDLHS Division of LKS$50,225.12$50,225.00
Dibble, EmilyResearch Area Specialist InterDLHS Division of LKS$49,979.00$24,989.50
Lahiri, ShibamouliResearch Area Specialist AssocDLHS Division of LKS$47,000.00$0.00
Young, KathleenTechnical Writer IntermediateDLHS Administration$46,670.00$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Business Administrator Senior %dlhs%
stanley, CHAIR UMH Perfusion Services - CVC
Wells, Alison Perfusionist - Non-Certified Transplant Surgery (STX)
McGrath, Leigh Mara Project Senior Manager UMH Emergency Department
Perkins, Noel+C Clin care coord-competent Dbn Col of Eng - Computer Sci.
Maclean, Greg Research Process Coordinator Unions-Administration
Brant, Amy Pharmacy Technician Assoc UMH 5A Ortho/Trauma
hofman, VICE PROVOST pharm%
Prasch, Patrick DEAN ITS Infra Net Dir of Eng
Mansfield, Andrew+Benjamin REGISTERED NURSE UMH Resp/Cardiov Svcs
Erickson, Susan+N Mktg Communications Inter Supr Dbn Financial%