Number of people in %Network% Department: 143
Maximum Salary$ 268,371.65
Average Salary$ 88,375.63
Minimum Salary$ 34,797.17

Department Results for %Network% 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Sawasky, JosephResearch - Ed Network Top ExecMerit Network$268,371.65$0.00
Smith, Karen ADirectorMerit Network$192,220.75$0.00
Stovall, Robert EDirectorMerit Network$190,878.45$0.00
Adams, William JosephDirectorMerit Network$190,731.42$0.00
Murphy, ThomasIS Operations DirectorICPSR-Computer - Network$185,168.00$0.00
Milliken, MichaelDirectorMerit Network$175,100.00$0.00
Bewersdorff, CharlotteDirectorMerit Network$174,760.00$0.00
Rossi, Herbert AProject Engineer SeniorMerit Network$147,887.03$0.00
Ummerpillai, HarshakumarSolution Architect LeadICPSR-Computer - Network$140,000.00$0.00
Milliken, Riva JCont Improvement Spec SeniorMerit Network$139,921.35$0.00
Unadkat, KalpeshApp Sys Analysis/Prgmming MgrHITS EI Network - Comm Svcs$135,053.04$0.00
Noori, AsmatInformation Systems Assoc DirICPSR-Computer - Network$134,754.61$0.00
Mishka, JasonApp Sys Analysis/Prgmming MgrHITS EI Network - Comm Svcs$132,612.27$0.00
Underwood, Jack AllenIS Administration - Pln MgrHITS EI Network - Comm Svcs$129,858.57$0.00
Cole, Raymond ChristopherNetwork Architect SeniorHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$129,768.10$0.00
June, LauraNetwork Architect LeadHITS EI Network - Comm Support$129,707.22$0.00
Badour, Paul GNetwork Architect SeniorHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$129,264.44$0.00
Kallitsis, Michael GAcad -/Or Res Prgm Ofcr InterMerit Network$127,125.63$0.00
Hayes, KevinIS Security ManagerMerit Network$125,000.00$0.00
Yeh, Chun FuNetwork Architect SeniorHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$122,201.18$0.00
Overcashier, Margaret AApp Sys Anlst/Prgm Staff SpecICPSR-Computer - Network$121,688.76$0.00
Haley, Nathan LynnNetwork Architect SeniorHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$121,651.46$0.00
Blunk, Larry JSystems Programmer/Analyst LdMerit Network$120,073.71$0.00
Roquemore, RansomNetwork Architect SeniorHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$119,062.11$0.00
Hockett, Roy DavidProject Engineer SeniorMerit Network$117,000.00$0.00
Roth, Denise LeeNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$114,383.98$0.00
Russell, Jason AERP Business Systems SuprMerit Network$111,504.60$0.00
Konas, Christopher JNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$108,365.51$0.00
Castro, JoshuaNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$107,459.84$0.00
Smith, Randall DNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$107,074.40$0.00
Klingsten, Robert MNetwork Architect SeniorHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$106,537.21$0.00
Lin, Yi-ching DaphneApp Programmer/Analyst SrICPSR-Computer - Network$106,314.29$0.00
Martin, RobertNetwork Architect SeniorHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$106,053.47$0.00
Brode, Jon DApp Programmer/Analyst SrICPSR-Computer - Network$105,895.54$0.00
Pritts, DanielSystems Architect SeniorICPSR-Computer - Network$105,855.32$0.00
Dennis, DavidAssociate DirectorMerit Network$105,778.80$0.00
Reed Micheli, Kathleen AnneFinancial Senior ManagerMerit Network$105,000.00$0.00
Manor, Roger SNetwork Architect SeniorHITS EI Network - Comm Support$104,928.24$0.00
Crissman, Benjamin SNetwork Architect SeniorHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$104,011.88$0.00
Levitt, Robert AllenIT Planning ManagerHITS EI Network - Comm Svcs$103,486.56$0.00
Rochon, RichardNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$102,585.03$0.00
Reid, KeithNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$101,056.02$0.00
Hutchings, Stuart TSystems Analyst SeniorICPSR-Computer - Network$100,459.50$0.00
Rodriguez, PhillipNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$100,315.77$0.00
Literski, ChristopherNetwork Operations Lead SuprMerit Network$100,000.00$0.00
Richardson, Matthew AApp Programmer/Analyst InterICPSR-Computer - Network$99,055.97$0.00
Fletcher, Candace Anne PerryNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$97,942.31$0.00
Paradise-Bumhoffer, Laurel AnneRAHS Site SupervisorRAHS FLINT Network Sites$96,601.13$0.00
Andrus, NickTelecommunications ManagerMerit Network$95,000.00$0.00
Scheller, ChrisSoftware Developer LeadMerit Network$95,000.00$0.00
Rossi, AndreaRAHS Site SupervisorRAHS FLINT Network Sites$94,597.25$0.00
Williams, JamekaSales Senior SupervisorMerit Network$93,950.00$0.00
Dagg, Pierrette ReneeMarketing ManagerMerit Network$93,187.88$0.00
Reinecke, Richard FNetwork Planning Analyst LeadMerit Network$91,571.79$0.00
Bisaro, Adam DominicSystems Programmer/Analyst SrMerit Network$91,275.00$0.00
Cronin, ToniaBus Development Inter SuprMerit Network$90,521.49$0.00
Montville, ZacharySystems Programmer/Analyst SrMerit Network$90,000.00$0.00
Pursell, DemitaRAHS Site SupervisorRAHS FLINT Network Sites$89,141.18$0.00
Weiland, Steven ENetwork Engineer SeniorMerit Network$88,645.30$0.00
Opal, StephenApp Programmer/Analyst SrMerit Network$88,502.54$0.00
Hrivnyak, ChadNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$88,150.00$0.00
Rahman, KevinNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$87,874.80$0.00
Nelson, BrettNetwork Planning Analyst LeadMerit Network$87,700.32$0.00
Czilli, Edward JohnDesktop Support Spec Sr SuprICPSR-Computer - Network$87,531.68$0.00
Vermilye, Dale SNetwork Engineer SeniorMerit Network$87,263.17$0.00
Prieur, Michael EHR Generalist SeniorMerit Network$85,548.04$0.00
Thompson, MichaelApp Programmer/Analyst SrMerit Network$85,000.00$0.00
Howland, Laurie BSystems Administrator InterICPSR-Computer - Network$84,943.12$0.00
Bhargav, AshokApp Programmer/Analyst InterICPSR-Computer - Network$84,768.19$0.00
Gilbertson, David ANetwork Engineer SeniorMerit Network$84,033.77$0.00
Luk, RyanApp Programmer/Analyst SrMerit Network$84,000.00$0.00
Lockhart, Jack HarrisonNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$83,557.86$0.00
Wall, ErikNetwork Architect IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$81,477.25$0.00
Joiner, Susan MSystems Administrator InterMerit Network$81,463.18$0.00
Carew, EvanSys Programmer/Analyst InterMerit Network$81,081.60$0.00
Robinson, BryanSys Programmer/Analyst InterMerit Network$81,081.60$0.00
Wiltse, Glenn SNetwork Engineer SeniorMerit Network$80,819.45$0.00
Liggett, JohnSystems Programmer/Analyst SrMerit Network$80,700.00$0.00
Moran, James BBusiness Systems Analyst SrMerit Network$80,443.44$0.00
Turner, WilliamStorage Engineer IntermediateMerit Network$78,599.52$0.00
Ray, JohnNetwork Operations ManagerMerit Network$76,500.00$0.00
Promenchenkel, MatthewSys Programmer/Analyst InterMerit Network$75,145.01$0.00
Conolly, KimberleeAccountant LeadMerit Network$75,000.00$0.00
Lundberg, JamesBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$73,627.74$0.00
Bell, JohnProject Engineer IntermediateHITS EI Network - Comm Arch$73,400.55$0.00
McSwain, RobertBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$73,310.01$0.00
Shindell, MarySales Representative SeniorMerit Network$72,401.50$0.00
Trinka, Nicole LynnProject Engineer IntermediateMerit Network$71,750.00$0.00
Woodward, WayneSys Programmer/Analyst InterMerit Network$70,620.00$0.00
Brabbs, JacobData Security Analyst InterMerit Network$70,391.88$0.00
Winfrey, JohnBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$70,356.00$0.00
Conn, AlinaDesktop Support Specialist SrICPSR-Computer - Network$70,236.10$0.00
Paulus, MaryOffice ManagerMerit Network$70,000.93$0.00
Giatas, AlysiaProject Engineer AssociateMerit Network$70,000.06$0.00
Sinishtaj, ToniBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$70,000.00$0.00
Sullivan, DavidSys Programmer/Analyst InterMerit Network$70,000.00$0.00
Tepper, IsaacSys Programmer/Analyst InterMerit Network$70,000.00$0.00
Wlodkowski, MelissaBrand/Product Analyst InterMerit Network$67,639.27$0.00
Trumbull, KennethBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$67,500.00$0.00
Hogan, KevinNetwork Control Inter SuprMerit Network$67,393.75$0.00
Alberti, Karen LAdministrative Assistant SrMerit Network$67,080.33$0.00
Kuch, MitchellApp Programmer/Analyst InterMerit Network$66,500.00$0.00
DeWolf, Robert ENetwork Engineer AssociateMerit Network$66,253.05$0.00
Hextall, LoriBusiness Administrator AssocMerit Network$66,189.38$0.00
Khan, Dawn RAccountant AssociateMerit Network$66,100.08$0.00
Jensen, KatrienBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$65,142.00$0.00
Wood, BridgetteCase ManagerRAHS FLINT Network Sites$65,138.75$0.00
Czarny, JasonProject Engineer AssociateHITS EI Network - Comm Support$65,087.56$0.00
Kirshman, JennyBusiness Systems Analyst InterMerit Network$63,550.00$0.00
Spickerman, TravisNetwork Engineer AssociateMerit Network$62,000.00$0.00
Mohamed, MohamedNetwork Planning Analyst InterMerit Network$61,950.00$0.00
Myers, AdamNetwork Engineer AssociateMerit Network$61,500.00$0.00
Killey, LolaProgram ManagerMerit Network$60,475.00$0.00
Atkinson, Teresa LynnNetwork Planning Analyst InterMerit Network$60,000.00$0.00
Boyer, Deborah JNetwork Planning Analyst InterMerit Network$60,000.00$0.00
Krasner, Deborah KayNetwork Planning Analyst InterMerit Network$60,000.00$0.00
Aiken, JonathanCustomer Help Desk Tech SeniorMerit Network$59,999.94$0.00
Kuebler, Robert ToddNetwork Planning Analyst InterMerit Network$58,000.00$0.00
Jones, JeffreyDesktop Support Spec InterICPSR-Computer - Network$56,429.88$0.00
Redman, DouglasNetwork Planning Analyst InterMerit Network$56,375.00$0.00
Harmon, MitchSys Programmer/Analyst AssocMerit Network$55,500.98$0.00
Herwick, TomNetwork Planning Analyst InterHITS EI Network - Comm Support$55,461.85$0.00
Cost, GeoffreyProject Intermediate ManagerMerit Network$54,215.43$0.00
May, AngelaCustomer Service Rep SeniorMerit Network$53,930.59$0.00
Blunk, AricNetwork Planning Analyst InterMerit Network$53,499.94$0.00
Parott, JohnathanNetwork Planning Analyst InterMerit Network$53,300.00$0.00
Michon, Karen MMarketing RepresentativeMerit Network$52,442.58$0.00
Krass, IanDocumentation Specialist InterMerit Network$52,275.00$0.00
Hines, ChristineAdministrative Assistant SrMerit Network$51,256.44$0.00
Fuller, RyanMarketing CoordinatorMerit Network$51,000.00$0.00
Hamill, TracyProject Associate ManagerMerit Network$50,479.01$0.00
Yokie, AllenHR Assistant AssociateMerit Network$50,000.08$0.00
Shaw, SunnyAccountant AssociateMerit Network$49,200.00$0.00
Jones, Deanna MCustomer Help Desk Tech InterMerit Network$48,128.08$0.00
Spicer, JessicaMarketing Assistant InterMerit Network$46,383.22$0.00
Arnold, BrianNetwork Planning Analyst AssocMerit Network$45,000.02$0.00
Eleby, AaronShipping/Receiving Clerk InterMerit Network$45,000.00$0.00
Gleason, Ashley Christine NicoleMedical Assistant SeniorRAHS FLINT Network Sites$39,770.06$0.00
Hand, SamanthaMedical Assistant AssociateRAHS FLINT Network Sites$37,486.96$0.00
Chambers-Peeple, KeiyanaReceptionistMerit Network$37,450.00$0.00
Huff, StaciMedical Assistant AssociateRAHS FLINT Network Sites$35,203.05$0.00
Anderson, AngelaMedical Assistant AssociateRAHS FLINT Network Sites$34,935.68$0.00
Wolf, MeganMedical Assistant AssociateRAHS FLINT Network Sites$34,797.17$0.00

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