Number of people in %Museum% Department: 118
Maximum Salary$ 256,250.00
Average Salary$ 71,624.42
Minimum Salary$ 31,720.00

Department Results for %Museum% 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Olsen, ChristinaDirectorMuseum of Art$256,250.00$256,250.00
Marcus, JoyceCURATORLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$184,442.00$92,221.00
Fisher, Daniel CCURATORLSA Paleontology Museum$167,679.18$83,839.60
Galaty, MichaelCURATORLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$166,080.00$83,040.00
Flannery, Kent VCURATORLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$163,969.00$81,984.50
O'Shea, John MCURATORLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$159,546.00$79,773.00
Throm, Carla RDevelopment Director LeadMuseum of Art$157,000.00$136,590.00
Wright, Henry TCURATORLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$152,756.00$76,378.00
Gazda, Elaine KCURATORLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$127,312.00$63,656.00
Grant, Vera IngridCURATORMuseum of Art$125,000.00$125,000.00
Baumiller, Tomasz KCURATORLSA Paleontology Museum$124,233.00$62,116.50
Wilfong, Terry GDIRECTORLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$121,658.00$60,829.00
Huss, Kathryn AnnBusiness Administrator SeniorMuseum of Art$116,290.00$110,475.50
Harris, Amy SAcad -/Or Res Prgm Ofcr SrLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$115,588.00$115,588.00
Emberling, Geoffrey AlanASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$114,408.09$0.00
Beck, Robin AndrewASSOC CURATORLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$109,712.00$54,856.00
Richards, Janet ECURATORLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$108,985.00$54,492.50
Wilson, Jeffrey AASSOC CURATORLSA Paleontology Museum$106,604.00$53,302.00
Friedman, MattASSOC CURATORLSA Paleontology Museum$106,218.00$53,109.00
Johnson, DawnAcad -/Or Res Prgm Ofcr InterLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$103,107.12$103,107.12
O'Dell, Shannon DCURATORDENT Sindecuse Dental Museum$102,528.13$0.00
Redding, Richard WilliamASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$97,060.00$0.00
Sampson, AnnaFoundation Relations Ofcr SrMuseum of Art$94,370.00$94,370.00
Slavin, Ruth ACURATORMuseum of Art$92,710.00$57,480.20
Garvey, RavenASST CURATORLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$86,785.00$43,392.50
Stewart, Brian AASST CURATORLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$86,785.00$43,392.50
Davis, Suzanne LASSOC CURATORLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$86,507.00$86,507.00
Turner, John MIT Project Senior ManagerMuseum of Art$82,810.00$82,810.00
Derosier, Katharine ACURATORMuseum of Art$76,830.00$76,830.00
Barham, NicolaASST CURATORLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$75,313.00$37,656.50
Gilboe, RobertaRes Museum Collection ManagerMuseum of Art$75,060.00$75,060.00
Abraczinskas, CarolScientific/Biolgcl IllustratorLSA Paleontology Museum$73,879.00$73,879.00
Berman, KiraAcad -/Or Res Prgm Ofcr InterLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$73,056.00$73,056.00
Stone, DavidASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$72,332.86$0.00
Sanders, William JResearch Lab Specialist SeniorLSA Paleontology Museum$71,180.79$67,621.75
Gable, Terri LAdministrative SpecialistMuseum of Art$71,100.00$63,990.00
Sanders, William JASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Paleontology Museum$70,765.00$3,538.25
Dillenburg, EugeneExhibit/Display ManagerLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$70,377.00$70,377.00
Glazier, Bruce DavidFacilities Coordinator/ManagerMuseum of Art$69,220.00$38,071.00
Reash, JustinMajor Gifts Officer InterMuseum of Art$69,000.00$40,020.00
Oyobe, NatsuCURATORMuseum of Art$68,500.00$68,500.00
Stauch, Candace LBusiness Administrator AssocLSA Paleontology Museum$68,380.00$68,380.00
Vasher, NatalieAdministrative SpecialistMuseum of Art$68,000.00$68,000.00
Motta, LauraResearch Lab Specialist InterLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$67,312.01$5,620.56
Meier, Scott AResearch/Exhibit Museum CoordLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$66,641.00$66,641.00
Linke, Matthew PProgram ManagerLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$66,376.00$66,376.00
Borgsdorf, Lisa Irene HerbertProject Intermediate ManagerMuseum of Art$65,310.00$52,248.00
Person, CatherineAcad -/Or Res Prgm Ofcr AssocLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$65,166.50$39,099.90
Webber, NoraAnnual Giving Officer InterLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$65,075.00$65,075.00
Klausmeyer, John BScientific/Biolgcl IllustratorLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$64,896.00$64,896.00
Sterner, Lorene EleanorGraphics ArtistLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$62,805.67$31,404.40
Reister, Pamela KASSOC CURATORMuseum of Art$62,520.00$45,014.40
Dick, LoriMktg Communications SpecialistLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$62,500.00$50,000.00
Zelditch, Miriam LASSOC RES SCIENTISTLSA Paleontology Museum$61,815.00$3,090.75
Rozek, Lisa KayAdministrative SpecialistLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$61,388.00$58,318.60
Rountrey, AdamRes Museum Collection ManagerLSA Paleontology Museum$60,205.00$60,205.00
Sullivan, Kelly AnneFinancial Specialist InterLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$59,931.00$59,931.00
Stone, DavidResearch Area Specialist InterLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$59,819.24$0.00
Johnson, ShaylaWeb Applications DeveloperMuseum of Art$59,670.00$29,835.00
Winchester, AmyAdministrative Assistant SrLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$58,561.00$58,561.00
Zwinak, AlexanderStudent Admin Asst SrLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$57,961.00$57,961.00
Encina, Sebastian ERes Museum Collection ManagerLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$57,933.00$28,966.50
Fontenot, Michelle LRes Museum Collection ManagerLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$57,463.00$57,463.00
Miller, Daniel JRes Museum Collection ManagerLSA Paleontology Museum$57,256.00$57,256.00
Fuka, LaurenRes Museum Collection ManagerLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$56,527.00$56,527.00
Cherney, MichaelResearch Area Specialist AssocLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$56,310.00$56,310.00
Noll, ElizabethEditor SeniorLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$56,143.88$25,264.75
Beld, Scott GordonResearch Lab Specialist InterLSA Paleontology Museum$55,703.00$55,703.00
Moss, JamesRes Museum Collection ManagerLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$54,806.00$54,806.00
Schramer, LeslieCommunications Editor InterLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$54,750.00$27,375.00
He, QianConservator IntermediateMuseum of Art$54,288.00$0.00
De Becker, LauraCURATORMuseum of Art$54,110.00$0.00
Choberka, David MResearch Area Specialist AssocMuseum of Art$53,180.00$0.00
Morgan, Jenna ElizabethSecretary SeniorMuseum of Art$53,000.00$45,050.00
Westlake, MelissaExhibit/Display CoordinatorLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$52,880.00$52,880.00
Tiso, JeannetteRetail Store ManagerMuseum of Art$52,830.00$21,132.00
Burgess, Brittany LeighStudent Affairs Program MgrLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$52,815.00$0.00
Berenz, ToddExhibit/Display CoordinatorLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$52,000.00$0.00
Holoka, KatherineExhibit/Display CoordinatorMuseum of Art$51,800.00$51,800.00
Roberts, CarolineRes Museum Collection ManagerLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$51,598.00$0.00
Scott, Jennifer AnneRes Museum Collection ManagerLSA Museum of Anthro Arch$51,305.00$51,305.00
McGowan, Michael FMktg Communications SpecialistMuseum of Art$51,000.00$30,600.00
Friess, Jennifer MarieASST CURATORMuseum of Art$50,400.00$50,400.00
Yoo, LauraAnnual Giving Officer InterMuseum of Art$50,000.00$36,000.00
Malveaux, Sandra JSecretary SeniorLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$49,582.00$49,582.00
Mullersman, SarahAcademic Program SpecialistLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$48,975.00$39,180.00
Casadonte, MatthewExhibit/Display CoordinatorMuseum of Art$48,350.00$48,350.00
Collins, JoleneSECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$47,923.20$0.00
Lindberg, PatrickSECURITY OFFICERUSS Kelsey Museum Security$47,923.20$0.00
Comer, AliciaCommunity Outreach CoordinatorLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$45,999.98$0.00
Azzopardi, JamesSECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$45,676.80$0.00
Cornwell, KellySECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$45,676.80$0.00
Crockett, ArthurSECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$45,676.80$0.00
Garcia, AlanSECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$45,676.80$0.00
Haynes, Larry GlennSECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$45,676.80$0.00
Martin, KevinSECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$45,676.80$0.00
Pierce, Katherine ThomasSECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$45,676.80$0.00
Rybarczyk, EricSECURITY OFFICERUSS Kelsey Museum Security$45,676.80$0.00
Donahue, TimothyExhibit/Display CoordinatorLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$45,607.12$0.00
Achenbach, IsabellaAdmin Coord/Project CoordMuseum of Art$45,320.00$45,320.00
Larson, ErikaAdmin Coord/Project CoordMuseum of Art$45,320.00$45,320.00
Castrejon-Knipple, LoriSECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$44,782.40$0.00
Dalton, KeithSECURITY OFFICERUSS Kelsey Museum Security$44,782.40$0.00
Jagielo, AndrewSECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$44,782.40$0.00
Spunar, MatthewSECURITY OFFICERUSS Kelsey Museum Security$44,782.40$0.00
Vaquera, AnnMarie TheresaSECURITY OFFICERUSS Art Museum Security$44,782.40$0.00
Fox, Jeanna-MariaCommunity Outreach CoordinatorLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$43,592.50$0.00
Prichard, KatherineMuseum Registrar AssociateMuseum of Art$43,280.00$34,624.00
Johnson, AdamMuseum Registrar IntermediateDENT Sindecuse Dental Museum$42,708.22$0.00
English, BriannonStudent Affairs Program SpecMuseum of Art$42,440.06$0.00
Farmer, KevinStudent Affairs Program MgrLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$42,000.00$39,060.00
Carrillo, NathanAdministrative Assistant InterLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$41,500.00$0.00
Wiggins, KelseyMuseum Registrar AssociateLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$40,800.00$40,800.00
Garcia, LindaAdministrative Assistant InterLSA Paleontology Museum$40,237.14$28,166.00
VanderVliet, MargaretAdmin Coord/Project CoordMuseum of Art$39,140.14$3,914.01
Engel, IsabelAdministrative Assistant InterMuseum of Art$38,000.04$0.00
Pierattini, EmilyExhibit/Display CoordinatorLSA Kelsey Museum of Arch$36,500.00$36,500.00
McGowan, RyanStudent Affairs Program SpecLSA UG: Museum of Nat History$31,720.00$0.00

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