Number of people in %Comput% Department: 104
Maximum Salary$ 279,865.00
Average Salary$ 80,942.63
Minimum Salary$ 28,560.00

Department Results for %Comput% 2017-18
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
England, Anthony WDEANDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$279,865.00$279,865.00
Murphy, ThomasIS Operations DirectorICPSR-Computer & Network$179,775.94$0.00
Grosky, WilliamPROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$166,221.00$166,221.00
Murphey, Yi LuASSOC DEANDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$155,194.00$77,597.00
Geva, SharonAssociate DirectorAdvanced Research Computing$147,292.00$147,291.53
Kridli, Ghassan TASSOC DEANDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$140,156.00$70,078.00
Zhu, QiangCHAIRDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$140,000.00$70,000.00
Zhu, QiangPROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$140,000.00$70,000.00
Ummerpillai, HarshakumarSolution Architect LeadICPSR-Computer & Network$135,000.00$0.00
Noori, AsmatInformation Systems Assoc DirICPSR-Computer & Network$130,829.72$0.00
Wielbut, Vlad TIT Acad/Admin Div Inter DirSPHDO-Informatics & Computing$129,917.00$129,917.00
Medjahed, BrahimASSOC PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$129,348.00$129,348.00
Shen, JiePROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$127,701.00$127,701.00
Maxim, Bruce RPROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$122,822.00$122,822.00
Overcashier, Margaret AApp Sys Anlst/Prgm Staff SpecICPSR-Computer & Network$118,148.76$0.00
Guo, JinhuaASSOC PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$116,725.00$116,725.00
Ma, DiASSOC PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$114,355.00$114,355.00
Wang, ShengquanASSOC PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$114,156.00$114,156.00
Van Nieuwstadt, Lin McCLINICAL ASSOC PROFDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$112,556.00$56,278.00
Kessentini, MarouaneASST PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$112,006.00$112,006.00
Day, JustinBusiness Development ManagerITS SS Computer Showcase$110,031.00$0.00
Farmer, Michael EPROFESSORFlint Computer Science$109,619.42$109,619.42
Akingbehin, KiumiPROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$108,553.00$108,553.00
Ortiz, Luis EASST PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$108,212.00$108,212.00
McGrath, Leigh MaraBusiness Administrator SeniorDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$106,908.00$106,908.00
Xu, ZhiweiASSOC PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$105,155.00$105,155.00
Elenbogen, Bruce SASSOC PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$104,768.00$104,768.00
Turner, Stephen WASSOC PROFESSORFlint Computer Science$104,015.55$104,015.55
Pritts, DanielSystems Architect SeniorICPSR-Computer & Network$103,273.48$0.00
Lin, Yi-ching DaphneApp Programmer/Analyst SrICPSR-Computer & Network$103,224.29$0.00
Brode, Jon DApp Programmer/Analyst SrICPSR-Computer & Network$102,811.54$0.00
Yoon, David HwaASSOC PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$102,348.00$102,348.00
Hutchings, Stuart TSystems Analyst SeniorICPSR-Computer & Network$98,009.27$0.00
Richardson, Matthew AApp Programmer/Analyst InterICPSR-Computer & Network$96,170.97$0.00
Dehzangi, OmidASST PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$95,232.00$95,232.00
Abouelenien, MohamedASST PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$93,000.00$93,000.00
Bacha, AnysASST PROFESSORDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$93,000.00$93,000.00
Uludag, SuleymanASSOC PROFESSORFlint Computer Science$92,813.34$92,813.34
Mani, MuraliASSOC PROFESSORFlint Computer Science$90,100.71$90,100.71
Czilli, Edward JohnDesktop Support Spec Sr SuprICPSR-Computer & Network$85,396.76$0.00
Remsing, LisaAcademic Advising DirectorDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$85,361.00$85,361.00
Kirk, Eric RLaboratory ManagerDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$84,203.00$84,203.00
Howland, Laurie BSystems Administrator InterICPSR-Computer & Network$82,871.34$0.00
Gaenko, AlexanderResearch Area Specialist LeadAdvanced Research Computing$82,799.00$82,799.23
Bhargav, AshokApp Programmer/Analyst InterICPSR-Computer & Network$82,700.67$0.00
Galerneau, Quentin JLEO Lecturer IVFlint Computer Science$81,934.58$81,934.58
Tang, CharlotteASST PROFESSORFlint Computer Science$81,387.92$81,387.92
Alhosban, AmalASST PROFESSORFlint Computer Science$80,649.72$80,649.72
Allison, MarkASST PROFESSORFlint Computer Science$80,649.72$80,649.72
Syed, ZahidASST PROFESSORFlint Computer Science$80,491.11$80,491.11
Bisgin, HalilASST PROFESSORFlint Computer Science$78,605.96$78,605.96
Spradling, MatthewASST PROFESSORFlint Computer Science$78,605.96$78,605.96
Mohsen, Fadi FuadASST PROFESSORFlint Computer Science$77,292.00$77,292.00
Meisler, DanCommunications ManagerAdvanced Research Computing$75,010.00$75,009.83
Butler, Debra-AnnProgram ManagerDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$75,000.00$75,000.00
Bradley, Patricia LeeWeb Designer/Admin InterSPHDO-Informatics & Computing$72,040.00$72,040.00
Conn, AlinaDesktop Support Specialist SrICPSR-Computer & Network$68,191.10$0.00
McBride, Brian LeeLEO Lecturer IIIFlint Computer Science$67,476.52$67,476.52
Neji, SanaLEO Lecturer IIIDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$66,950.00$66,950.00
Livermore, Jeffrey ALEO Lecturer IIIFlint Computer Science$66,789.60$66,789.60
Laubepin, Frederique AnneCLINICAL INSTRUCTORSPHDO-Informatics & Computing$65,513.00$65,513.00
Antos, Janel KDesktop Support Specialist SrSPHDO-Informatics & Computing$64,304.00$6,430.40
Fogarty, SherylIT Acquisitions AdministratorITS SS Computer Showcase$63,228.00$0.00
Ranville, Erin JuneRetail Store ManagerITS SS Computer Showcase$62,859.00$0.00
Elliott, Marie SuzanneAsst To The Dean or VP SrDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$61,727.00$61,727.00
Phillips, SeanSystems Administrator InterSPHDO-Informatics & Computing$61,192.00$45,894.00
Jones, MaryResearch Process CoordinatorDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$60,000.00$60,000.00
Rosemary, DavidSystems Administrator InterFlint Computer Science$58,674.41$58,674.41
Makas, Jennifer MaryAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$57,923.00$57,923.00
Gallinat, QuintessaMktg Communications SpecialistITS SS Computer Showcase$57,841.00$0.00
Hallum, Sarah MAdministrative SpecialistAdvanced Research Computing$57,456.00$57,456.00
Lange, Joseph WilliamRetail Store ManagerITS SS Computer Showcase$55,213.00$0.00
Burkhardt, AndrewInstructional Learning InterSPHDO-Informatics & Computing$52,659.00$52,659.00
Hosker, Geoffrey BSecretary SeniorDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$52,124.00$52,124.00
Craft, DarrylDesktop Support Spec InterSPHDO-Informatics & Computing$51,631.00$2,581.55
Sun, XianjunRESEARCH FELLOWDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$50,000.00$0.00
Laurin, StevenDesktop Support Spec InterSPHDO-Informatics & Computing$47,965.00$7,194.75
Churchill, SusanProgram ManagerFlint Computer Science$46,782.00$46,782.00
Hamilton, BreinneAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$46,643.00$46,643.00
Madeleine, KerriAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$45,164.00$45,164.00
Slackta, Patricia AAdministrative Assistant InterFlint Computer Science$45,088.77$45,088.77
Markotan, Katharine RAdministrative Assistant InterDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$44,986.00$44,986.00
Lavoie, Lori ACustomer Service Rep InterITS SS Computer Showcase$44,710.00$0.00
Schwarz, SuzanneAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$44,104.00$44,104.00
Young, Jocelyn MarieAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$44,000.00$44,000.00
Steiner, Thomas GLEO Lecturer IIDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$43,962.93$43,962.96
Berry, DeidraMarketing Assistant AssociateDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$43,003.00$43,003.00
Hobson, LoriCustomer Service Rep LeadITS SS Computer Showcase$42,630.00$0.00
Duffy, CourtneyAdministrative Assistant InterDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$42,287.00$42,287.00
Oakes, EricLaboratory/Classroom Svcs TechSPHDO-Informatics & Computing$42,047.00$31,535.25
Kalmar, Pamela JLEO Lecturer IIFlint Computer Science$41,117.57$41,117.57
Daniszewski, David GLEO Intermittent LecturerDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$38,931.04$9,732.80
Brown, Cherie DLEO Lecturer IIFlint Computer Science$38,490.54$28,867.91
Castillo, CaraAcademic Records Asst InterDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$37,252.00$37,252.00
Mann II, Robert CLEO Lecturer IIDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$36,795.92$21,461.20
Galerneau, Sonia CLEO Lecturer IIFlint Computer Science$36,116.19$27,087.20
Miller, LisaAcademic Records Asst InterDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$35,389.00$35,389.00
Peaks, MaryamAcademic Records Asst InterDbn Col of Eng & Computer Sci.$35,063.00$35,063.00
Baugh, John PhillipLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$34,921.54$8,730.40
Charnesky, Eric ThomasLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$32,960.00$21,976.08
Almomani, RaedLEO Lecturer IDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$32,000.00$10,665.60
Rahman, SamsurLEO Intermittent LecturerDbn Col of Eng-Computer & Info$32,000.00$8,000.00
George, Joseph DLEO Lecturer IFlint Computer Science$29,000.00$7,250.00
Ayyagari, VijayadityaLEO Lecturer IFlint Computer Science$28,560.00$7,140.00

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, Vice Chancellor %Comput%
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