Number of people in % Business Department: 233
Maximum Salary$ 666,666.64
Average Salary$ 200,571.10
Minimum Salary$ 38,760.00

Department Results for % Business 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Schuster, William MichaelVISITING ASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$666,666.64$250,000.00
DeRue, Daniel ScottDEANRoss School of Business$600,018.00$360,010.80
Whited, Toni MarionPROFESSORRoss School of Business$447,000.00$354,024.00
Hopp, Wallace JASSOC DEANRoss School of Business$444,600.00$148,163.00
Hopp, Wallace JPROFESSORRoss School of Business$444,600.00$274,204.23
Krishna, Aradhna JPROFESSORRoss School of Business$397,000.00$337,450.00
Slemrod, Joel BPROFESSORRoss School of Business$397,000.00$196,513.41
Westphal, James DPROFESSORRoss School of Business$362,500.00$90,625.00
Miller, Gregory SmithPROFESSORRoss School of Business$362,000.00$289,600.00
Kim, E HanPROFESSORRoss School of Business$356,000.00$154,254.80
Ashford, Susan JPROFESSORRoss School of Business$355,000.00$292,875.00
Davis, Gerald FASSOC DEANRoss School of Business$353,000.00$117,637.25
Davis, Gerald FPROFESSORRoss School of Business$353,000.00$102,994.74
Kaul, GautamPROFESSORRoss School of Business$352,500.00$299,625.00
Duenyas, IzakPROFESSORRoss School of Business$346,000.00$285,450.00
Lafontaine, FrancineSR ASSOC DEANRoss School of Business$345,000.00$241,500.00
Carmel, Jonathan PaulLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$336,715.25$336,715.25
Lehavy, ReuvenPROFESSORRoss School of Business$333,000.00$252,513.90
Bagozzi, Richard PPROFESSORRoss School of Business$330,000.00$222,750.00
Indjejikian, Raffi JPROFESSORRoss School of Business$321,000.00$296,925.00
Manchanda, PuneetPROFESSORRoss School of Business$320,500.00$216,337.50
Krishnan, Mayuram SASSOC DEANRoss School of Business$320,000.00$106,640.00
Krishnan, Mayuram SPROFESSORRoss School of Business$320,000.00$157,353.00
Purnanandam, Amiyatosh KumarPROFESSORRoss School of Business$319,500.00$159,750.00
Baker, Wayne EPROFESSORRoss School of Business$318,000.00$214,650.00
Feinberg, Fred MPROFESSORRoss School of Business$308,500.00$231,375.00
Karnani, Aneel GPROFESSORRoss School of Business$306,000.00$306,000.00
Batra, RajeevPROFESSORRoss School of Business$303,000.00$159,075.00
Spreitzer, Gretchen MariePROFESSORRoss School of Business$302,500.00$204,187.50
Lovejoy, William SASSOC DEANRoss School of Business$302,000.00$100,642.00
Lovejoy, William SPROFESSORRoss School of Business$302,000.00$57,910.85
Rajan, UdayPROFESSORRoss School of Business$300,000.00$285,000.00
Weiss, Janet APROFESSORRoss School of Business$300,000.00$300,000.00
Wooten, David BPROFESSORRoss School of Business$300,000.00$277,500.00
Dittmar, Robert FPROFESSORRoss School of Business$295,000.00$262,255.00
Pasquariello, PaoloPROFESSORRoss School of Business$295,000.00$295,000.00
Shumway, Tyler GPROFESSORRoss School of Business$295,000.00$73,750.00
Beatty, Richard WLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$294,208.42$0.00
Kama, ItayVISITING ASSOC PROFRoss School of Business$293,333.36$293,333.36
Buchmueller, Thomas CPROFESSORRoss School of Business$291,500.00$145,750.00
Canter, Anthony DavidLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$290,851.12$72,712.78
Nagar, Venkatesh KPROFESSORRoss School of Business$290,500.00$254,187.50
Balakrishnan, NagrajDEANDbn College of Business$288,580.77$288,580.77
Kapuscinski, RomanPROFESSORRoss School of Business$282,000.00$204,450.00
Narayanan, M PPROFESSORRoss School of Business$280,000.00$224,000.00
Thornhill, Stewart JPROFESSORRoss School of Business$278,500.00$60,323.10
Walsh, James PPROFESSORRoss School of Business$275,500.00$192,850.00
Burks, Jeffrey Gene SanchezPROFESSORRoss School of Business$270,000.00$270,000.00
Mayer, David MPROFESSORRoss School of Business$270,000.00$256,500.00
Seyhun, Hasan NejatPROFESSORRoss School of Business$270,000.00$189,000.00
Anupindi, Ravi MurthyPROFESSORRoss School of Business$267,500.00$178,342.25
Lawlor, Andrew FLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$264,402.29$264,402.30
Killaly, Bradley LaurenceASSOC DEANRoss School of Business$257,500.00$193,125.00
Killaly, Bradley LaurenceCLINICAL ASST PROFRoss School of Business$257,500.00$64,375.00
Chayet, SergioVISITING LECTURERRoss School of Business$256,000.00$64,000.00
Lyon, Thomas PeytonPROFESSORRoss School of Business$254,000.00$171,450.00
Jensen, MichaelPROFESSORRoss School of Business$253,300.00$253,300.00
Shakespeare, CatherineASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$252,000.00$146,991.60
London, Edward DLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$250,673.69$250,673.70
Ulrich, David OProfessorRoss School of Business$248,000.00$0.00
Williams, Christopher DonASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$247,000.00$226,424.90
Schipani, Cindy APROFESSORRoss School of Business$246,500.00$246,500.00
Yu, GowoonASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$246,000.00$184,500.00
Ahn, Hyun-SooPROFESSORRoss School of Business$245,000.00$49,000.00
Beil, Damian RPROFESSORRoss School of Business$245,000.00$189,875.00
Yoon, Yung-Jin CarolynPROFESSORRoss School of Business$245,000.00$245,000.00
Muir, Dana MPROFESSORRoss School of Business$243,000.00$206,550.00
Oswald, Lynda JPROFESSORRoss School of Business$243,000.00$230,850.00
Schmalz, Martin CASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$243,000.00$206,550.00
Gordon, Michael DPROFESSORRoss School of Business$242,500.00$242,500.00
Oswald, Dennis RayLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$241,314.58$241,314.58
Koksalan, Mustafa MuratLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$240,000.00$240,000.00
Hoffman, Andrew JohnPROFESSORRoss School of Business$237,500.00$77,187.50
Kopelman, Shirli JCLINICAL PROFESSORRoss School of Business$237,000.00$237,000.00
Nagarajan, AnuradhaLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$234,817.02$176,112.77
Ball, Ryan TASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$229,600.00$229,600.00
Caproni, Paula JLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$229,200.71$187,829.99
Siegel, JordanASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$228,800.00$217,360.00
Zeume, StefanASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$227,500.00$227,500.00
Sivadasan, JagadeeshPROFESSORRoss School of Business$227,000.00$227,000.00
Sytch, Maxim VitalyevichASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$227,000.00$227,000.00
Costello, Anna MarieASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$226,000.00$226,000.00
Talbot, Frederick BPROFESSOR EMERITUS/ARoss School of Business$226,000.00$75,314.50
Crosignani, MatteoASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$225,000.00$225,000.00
Jung, Michael JulianVISITING ASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$225,000.00$225,000.00
Omartian, JamesASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$225,000.00$187,492.50
Packard, HeidiASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$225,000.00$187,492.50
Barger, Michael GCLINICAL ASST PROFRoss School of Business$224,600.00$224,600.00
Bhattacharyya, SugatoASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$223,300.00$223,300.00
Gallo, Lindsey ArdenASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$222,000.00$222,000.00
Mitra, IndrajitASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$221,000.00$165,750.00
Soo, Cindy KatherineASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$220,000.00$11,000.00
Zhang, DanVISITING PROFESSORRoss School of Business$219,890.01$146,666.64
Kozak, SerhiyASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$219,000.00$219,000.00
Afuah, Allan NPROFESSORRoss School of Business$218,300.00$218,300.00
Mehta, Mihir NandkishoreASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$217,000.00$217,000.00
Ramaswamy, VenkatramPROFESSORRoss School of Business$216,500.00$216,500.00
Lei, QinLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$215,851.35$215,851.35
Roy, DebjitVISITING ASSOC PROFRoss School of Business$213,333.33$200,000.00
Hall, Jason LanceLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$213,287.69$177,722.00
Wu, XunASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$212,500.00$212,500.00
Bishara, Norman DASSOC DEANRoss School of Business$211,200.00$211,200.00
Wu, DiASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$210,000.00$199,500.00
Klemstine, Charles FLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$209,158.25$174,281.12
Sandelands, Lloyd EdwardPROFESSORRoss School of Business$207,500.00$207,500.00
Csaszar, Felipe AASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$207,000.00$207,000.00
Branch, John DavidCLINICAL ASST PROFRoss School of Business$203,000.00$203,000.00
Burson, Katherine AliciaASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$203,000.00$203,000.00
Clyde, Paul SCLINICAL ASST PROFRoss School of Business$200,000.00$0.00
Li, JunASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$200,000.00$200,000.00
Vance, Marshall DavidLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$200,000.00$133,400.00
Wardlaw, MalcolmVISITING ASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$200,000.00$200,000.00
Criste, Thomas RLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$199,104.33$99,552.24
Etzion, HilaLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$198,968.29$198,968.29
O'Day, Timothy WLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$198,112.47$49,528.12
Brown, Christina LLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$197,908.38$148,431.29
Sriram, SrinivasaraghavanASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$197,000.00$197,000.00
Aribarg, AnochaASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$196,000.00$186,200.00
Krolick, Debra LLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$194,992.38$146,244.32
Arvai, JosephProfessorRoss School of Business$192,621.59$48,155.40
Rick, Scott IanASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$192,500.00$192,500.00
Begen, Mehmet AtillaVISITING ASSOC PROFRoss School of Business$192,000.00$192,000.00
Zhou, Yue MaggieASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$192,000.00$134,400.00
Leider, Stephen GASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$191,000.00$191,000.00
Masten, Scott EPROFESSORRoss School of Business$191,000.00$191,000.00
Brockbank, Joseph WayneCLINICAL PROFESSORRoss School of Business$190,800.00$0.00
Frake, JustinASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$188,000.00$188,000.00
Gao, ChengASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$188,000.00$188,000.00
Orhun, Ayse YesimASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$188,000.00$188,000.00
Degraff, Jeffrey TCLINICAL PROFESSORRoss School of Business$185,000.00$84,785.50
Melville, Nigel PASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$185,000.00$185,000.00
Nassiri, ShimaASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$184,000.00$184,000.00
Schwartz, Eric MichaelASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$184,000.00$184,000.00
Silberholz, John MASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$184,000.00$184,000.00
Huang, Justin TsaiASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$181,000.00$181,000.00
Srna, ShalenaASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$181,000.00$181,000.00
Kumar, SanjeevLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$180,924.89$180,924.96
Harmon, DerekASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$180,000.00$180,000.00
Sinclair, Jeffrey CameronLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$179,897.17$82,437.88
Jasin, StefanusASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$178,000.00$178,000.00
Gordon, Richard MCLINICAL ASST PROFRoss School of Business$177,000.00$177,000.00
Hess, David WilliamASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$176,000.00$127,600.00
Handley, KyleASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$175,000.00$122,500.00
Uichanco, Joline Ann VillarandaASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$175,000.00$175,000.00
Uribe, Jose NASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$175,000.00$175,000.00
Lee, Joo AASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$174,800.00$116,432.53
Case, Charleen RoseASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$174,200.00$174,200.00
Adhvaryu, Achyuta RasendraASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$171,500.00$171,500.00
Mostagir, Mohamed MesbahASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$171,500.00$171,500.00
Pandiarajan, VijayLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$170,533.04$142,096.66
Rao, NirupamaASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$170,000.00$170,000.00
Miller, Sarah MarieASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$169,000.00$135,200.00
Mughal, TariqLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$168,000.00$168,000.00
Keppler, Samantha MeyerASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$167,600.00$167,600.00
Middleton, Leonard MLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$166,802.35$166,802.35
Lenk, Peter JPROFESSORRoss School of Business$166,000.00$166,000.00
Svaan, John EricLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$165,775.26$165,775.26
Wright, David WASSOC PROFESSORRoss School of Business$161,500.00$144,663.63
Lenard, Chantel EbbersLEO Lecturer IIIRoss School of Business$161,070.00$123,057.48
Kress, JeremyASST PROFESSORRoss School of Business$160,000.00$160,000.00
Price, James DLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$151,431.61$75,715.81
Bitterly, Thomas Bradford (Brad)LEO Adjunct LecturerRoss School of Business$150,000.00$37,500.00
Brophy, David JPROFESSORRoss School of Business$150,000.00$150,000.00
Shwayder, ArielLEO Lecturer IIIRoss School of Business$149,712.50$149,712.50
Pasick, Robert SLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$149,435.48$49,799.44
Tichy, Noel MPROFESSORRoss School of Business$146,000.00$73,000.00
Totte, Robert PaulLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$143,209.88$95,485.20
Rogala, LoriLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$140,000.00$140,000.00
Hinesly, Mary DLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$137,764.70$137,764.70
Morgan, Laurie ALEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$134,935.68$134,935.69
Hiemstra, David JohnLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$134,865.80$44,944.03
Menon, Rashmi ALEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$134,865.20$67,432.60
Feldman, Tammy RLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$134,833.44$92,697.99
Johnson, MichaelLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$133,575.00$46,751.25
Desimpelare, James MarkLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$131,834.73$120,859.50
Hargrove, Gerry LyndonLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$130,000.00$86,666.64
Kelly, RozlynLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$130,000.00$65,000.00
Tasoluk, BurcuLEO Lecturer IIIRoss School of Business$129,047.39$75,266.89
Carter, E FollettLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$128,585.38$60,435.14
Davis, Timothy AllanDirectorDbn College of Business$120,903.65$120,903.65
Lu, YaoVISITING RES ASSOC PROFRoss School of Business$120,000.00$0.00
Kamen, Michael LProgram Director Reg CampusDbn College of Business$118,550.35$118,550.35
Allen, Peter TLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$117,879.50$111,337.20
McFall, Brooke HelppieLEO Adjunct LecturerRoss School of Business$117,734.42$39,235.04
Krebs, KathleenStaff Specialist HlthUMH - Magnet Business$117,360.00$0.00
Kotzian, Nancy ALEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$116,748.15$116,748.16
Wells, Susan JaneProgram Director Reg CampusDbn College of Business$113,045.66$113,045.66
Hensinger, Barbara SStaff Specialist HlthUMH - Magnet Business$108,498.53$0.00
Schloff, Jill SuzanneLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$108,423.37$54,211.69
Williams, Jefferson PLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$106,560.90$106,560.90
Drogt, Emily LLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$103,025.83$85,846.27
Collins, Marcus ThomasLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$103,012.53$51,506.27
Wan, DongniLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$102,000.00$51,000.00
Olson, Rodger James MacklinLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$101,256.56$0.00
Hall, William KLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$101,056.92$16,851.24
James, Michael PatrickLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$97,602.29$52,876.08
Palmby, Jaime MProject Senior ManagerUMH - Magnet Business$96,066.41$0.00
Morrow, Andrea VLEO Lecturer IVRoss School of Business$95,843.80$89,829.61
Young, Amy Marie WonnellLEO Lecturer IIIRoss School of Business$94,990.00$63,334.59
Broucek, ShahnazLEO Lecturer IIIRoss School of Business$92,925.00$51,619.84
Zimmerman, SarahLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$90,205.27$45,102.64
Howard, Mary BurtonAcademic Advisor/Couns SeniorDbn College of Business$89,359.53$89,359.53
Angell, AmyLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$88,723.39$73,928.80
Mueller, Christopher RyanLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$86,781.11$43,390.56
Erwin, ElizabethLEO Adjunct LecturerRoss School of Business$86,777.50$26,033.28
Callahan, Robert MPlacement/Career Svcs Dir UnitDbn College of Business$86,590.56$86,590.56
Flanagan, Michael WilliamLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$82,500.00$13,750.00
Pawlik, Lisa ALEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$80,443.10$64,495.26
Wisner, Amy MarieLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$78,507.17$49,067.04
Crawford, CynthiaLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$76,773.02$76,773.02
Galifianakis, SophiaLEO Lecturer IIRoss School of Business$76,773.02$70,381.67
Shea, KarenBudget Analyst SeniorDbn College of Business$74,404.61$74,404.61
Park, PatrickRESEARCH FELLOWRoss School of Business$72,000.00$72,000.00
Kocher, Claudia SASSOC DEANDbn College of Business$70,000.00$35,000.00
Schantz, Tamara LLEO Intermittent LecturerRoss School of Business$67,600.00$11,272.32
Tigani, Julie KAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn College of Business$65,778.87$65,778.87
Boatin, Cathy RoseAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn College of Business$65,222.88$65,222.88
Dunning, ChristineAsst To the Dean or VP InterDbn College of Business$62,012.50$62,012.50
Wheeler, TuereEmployer Recruiting CoordDbn College of Business$60,999.61$60,999.61
Klionsky, Lisa RLEO Lecturer IRoss School of Business$56,892.16$30,821.36
Scott, Crystal JeanASST DEANDbn College of Business$54,013.50$18,000.00
Dailey, ArlynnEmployer Recruiting CoordDbn College of Business$53,712.57$53,712.57
Zehel, AdamMarketing SpecialistDbn College of Business$52,787.50$52,787.50
Stanghini, JesseAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn College of Business$51,645.00$51,645.00
Doherty, JoanAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn College of Business$51,447.34$51,447.34
Agius, Rita MarieEmployer Recruiting CoordDbn College of Business$51,000.00$51,000.00
Ormsby, LoriAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn College of Business$48,860.26$48,860.26
Wei, WarrenAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn College of Business$45,694.98$45,694.98
Timmons, RebeccaAdministrative Assistant SrDbn College of Business$45,066.15$45,066.15
Porembiak, KariAcademic Program SpecialistDbn College of Business$44,880.00$44,880.00
Dean, Andrew BurtonAcademic Advisor/Couns InterDbn College of Business$44,250.00$44,250.00
Farkas, CoreyStudent Admin Asst SrDbn College of Business$41,311.59$41,311.59
McBride, JaclynAcademic Records Asst InterDbn College of Business$38,760.00$38,760.00

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